Our History

The Challenge

As the world has opened up, and the means of travel have become more available and more affordable, the typical traveler has grown more sophisticated and discriminating. The scope of travel experiences for most people has gone from a few familiar countries to an array of destinations throughout the world. We recognized it was becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for an average travel professional to know all destinations and absorb the extensive knowledge needed for these numerous new opportunities available you.

The Solution

We founded Ships and Trips Travel expressly to meet the more complicated needs of today’s savvy traveler. In response, we created a Destination Specialist Program. We have recruited the best and most experienced “Specialists” to specifically target and satisfy your needs. With our passion for travel and our dedication to superior customer satisfaction, we’ve been happily providing dream vacations for our customers since 2000.

Our Commitment to Professionalism

From the beginning, Ships and Trips Travel has continually engaged in an effort to raise the level of travel professionalism within our local community of Sacramento, California. We were instrumental in the founding of The Guild of International Travel Professionals in 2005. "The goal of the Guild is to improve knowledge, professionalism, and integrity in the tourism profession by sponsoring, advocating and supporting the dissemination of knowledge and methods necessary for agent professionalism and to promote tourism worldwide." www.thegitp.com

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