Why Travel With Us?

We provide customized travel arrangements and packages utilizing the most reputable and qualified suppliers, airlines and activity providers for your complete satisfaction and comfort. In offering the personal touch of our friendly staff to help you achieve you vacation dreams, our goal is to provide you with the best vacation value possible.

What makes a Ships and Trips Travel Specialist?

At Ships and Trips Travel you won’t find a call center full of travel agents sitting in cubicles, waiting for the clock to strike 5:00pm, and your phone calls and emails aren’t routed to another continent. Ships and Trips Travel is made up of a team of Professional Travel Specialists with extensive knowledge of the places you want to visit, the things you want to see. Our Specialists focus on their specialty in order to keep up with the expertise required to handle individual and group travel and provide personal service to our clients wherever they may wish to go. So – how does a travel professional become a Ships and Trips Specialist?

Everybody has something that they’re passionate about. Our Travel Specialists start by narrowing down their favorite places (Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, etc), or their interest (Golfing, Yacht Charters, Religious Pilgrimages, Multi-generational Family Trips, Accessible Travel, Honeymoons). It may be some place that they’ve always loved exploring on their personal vacations (Italy, New Zealand, Chile, National Parks in the United States) or it may be a life style that they personally identify with (Wellness or Medical Retreats, Wine and Culinary Explorations, Singles Travel). Whatever the specialty is, we first make sure that we’re in love with it, and ready to dedicate our career to it.

Next, we begin the training. It’s one thing to fall in love with Tuscany on a vacation, and plan a second and third visit for further exploration. But we take it a step further, working with the Tourism Bureaus and entities like The Travel Institute to become Certified Destination Specialists. We work side by side with our Ensemble Member suppliers and resources; we develop personal relationships with hoteliers, cruise line representatives, local tour guides and ground operators. These relationships are invaluable in providing those special services and amenities that really wow our clients. We continue to build on these relationships, maintaining regular communication using email, Facebook and Twitter.

We continue our education. We spend many evenings meeting with tourism boards and cruise lines and resort companies to keep our knowledge current. Through membership in professional organizations like The Guild of International Travel Professionals, Cruise Lines International Association, and The Travel Institute, we attend seminars and training classes throughout the year, both out in the field and in the office via personal visits from our vendors and through on-line webinars.

Lastly, we travel. We travel with representatives from the tourism boards to learn all their secrets. We have Cruise Specialists regularly visiting cruise ships around the world to keep up with their ever changing features. And most importantly, we travel on our own dime to assure that we’re seeing the “real” thing, that we’re experiencing things the way that our clients experience them.

When one spends their working life behind a desk, one can never really know what it’s like out there - to have a flight changed at the last minute, or to have luggage delayed. Our Specialists have been in your shoes; we know what it’s like to go to the places you like to go to, to do the things you like to do, and we know how to find the best services at the best values to make it work as seamlessly as possible.

Common Travel Professional Myths

My trip will cost more if I use a Travel Professional.

Surveys show your trip will usually cost less or will cost the same but likely include added amenities you wouldn’t receive if you book travel yourself.

When booking through a Travel Professional, my trip cost is higher to pay for the Travel Retailer overhead.

Typically, Travel Retailers are paid by travel suppliers. Suppliers are willing to do this because they are not generally staffed to work with the numbers of inquiries from the public and they know Travel Professionals add value to their products by assuring satisfied customers.

If Travel Professionals are paid by travel suppliers, then they are going to suggest travel suppliers that may pay them more and cost more.

Because Ships and Trips Travel uses a wide variety of travel suppliers and is not directly affiliated with any travel supplier, our sole purpose is to provide you with the best service and travel experience that meets your specifications.

Travel Professionals Are a Waste of Time.

Travel professionals can actually save you hours of painful research and price comparison shopping. Their prior knowledge and experience gives them an advantage in trip planning. Their careful consideration of your itinerary assures a smooth trip with all bases covered.

I Can Easily Book the Same Trip on My Own Without Using A Travel Professional.

Ships and Trips Travel has access through the Ensemble® Travel Group to special travel services, values and special amenities. In addition, relationships with our vendors and travel suppliers give us the clout to secure superior treatment for you, our valued client.