Our Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

Our Honeymoon Specialists all have their favorite honeymoon spots, and here is our current “Top 10”, based on our personal experience and feedback from our clients.

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1. Europe
Even though it’s been a few years since our honeymoon in Europe, I still feel that Paris is a magical honeymoon spot!  I suggest a stay in the 4th arrondissment because it’s a great location, full of little shops and cafes and bars, and it's an easy walk to all the magnificent sights of the city.  I always suggest booking an evening sightseeing cruise down the Seine River - sure, it's a little touristy, but it’s also beautiful and very romantic.  I still have the cork from a bottle of wine we had while picnicking in the park on day – I’ll never forget it.

~ Jan S.

2. Fiji
It is a beautiful tropical paradise, with some of the friendliest people in the world. The accommodations range from the big name brand chain resorts to the smaller properties. Some of my favorite places are located on the outward islands where you can take a water taxi or a helicopter.  They have a full gambit of activities for active honeymooners and lots of beautiful beaches for those that just want to kick back.  We have a few favorites for honeymoons where a couple can have their own private bure, or bungalow, and we can arrange for his and hers in-room massages and dining for the ultimate in romance.  Fiji is comfortable and friendly, but satisfies those who are looking at doing something a little more exotic on their honeymoon.

~ Connie R.



3. Sandals Resorts
Sandals Resorts have branded the all-inclusive resort idea better than any other. They are located throughout the Caribbean, 12 in total, all offering their own distinct theme and style. Some are best for the sports-minded, offering golf and water skiing and scuba diving; some are massive resorts with several different types of accommodations to choose from; others the common denominator in all of them is the wide variety of activities, entertainment, drinks and dining that is included in the price. Their ‘tipping not allowed’ policy is wonderful – you never feel like you have to take your wallet out while you’re there.

~ Maria H.



#3 Sandals Resorts
4. Cruising
The moment I stepped onto Celebrity Solstice, I immediately thought of it as a great cruise ship for a honeymoon. She's a lovely ship, very contemporary and chic. The food is wonderful, whether choosing the decadent dinner entrees or the ‘spa’ cuisine, which we found fresh and flavorful and served beautifully (even if it is low cal!). The staterooms are well appointed, with flat screen interactive TV monitors (good for perusing the wine list, the shore tour offerings, checking e-mail, or watching first-run movies), and lush bedding with luxurious high thread-count duvets and fluffy pillows. The spa was first rate, and there were plenty of ‘his and hers’ massage options that would be a great way to de-stress from the wedding. I think that a cruise exploring ports of call in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean aboard is a fabulous honeymoon choice, and even better on a beautiful ship like the Solstice.

~ Albert G.



#4 Cruising
5. Thailand
I love the many faces of Thailand, probably because I always feel safe and happy there. The people are to be credited for spreading their warm welcoming smiles. We have traveled from the Golden Triangle of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand where there is mystery and intrigue to the warm seas and beaches of Phuket, which was breathtaking. We stopped at the village of the ‘longnecks’ and learned their story. We included an elephant camp were we watched the elephants paint pictures with a brush held by their trunk. They even gave us a ride that was very humbling. To sit on one of these beautiful creatures and let them take you on a path that leads down the river is surreal. We also had a fabulous time at the Thai cooking class, shopping in the local market, making great meals. Shopping in one of the largest markets in Asia is definitely something not to be missed. The highlight of our trip was the sea canoeing with the famous John Gray into the sea caves. One of the most awe inspiring days of any place I have ever been, and an adventure in Thailand would be a magical honeymoon.

~ Susan S.



#5 Thailand
6. Disneyworld
I know it sounds crazy, but our honeymoon at Disneyworld was just amazing! We started our trip by flying to Miami to visit South Beach for one night and to drive down the Florida Keys to Key West for a few nights – that was what I had anticipated to be the most romantic part. Then, after 2 nights in Key West, we made the long drive up to Orlando, dropped off the car and checked into our room at the Grand Floridian for four nights. And this is when the real magic began – the hotel knew it was our honeymoon, and our room was decorated with flower petals and there was champagne waiting for us. We spent our days at the theme parks and the water parks; we had great meals and saw fantastic entertainment. We played golf and swam; we saw the animals at the Wild Animal Park, which was amazing. And we had our picture taken with Mickey and Minnie to put with our wedding pictures. It was just fantastic, and something we’ll never forget. When our friends find out we honeymooned at Disney World, they kind of laugh. But when they see our pictures – how nice the resort was, and how much fun we had, they’re kind of jealous that they didn’t do it, too!

~ Christy J.



#6 Disneyworld
7. Tahiti
I will never forget the color of the ocean as I flew over the islands of Tahiti – it was absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Tahiti is made for lovers, and everything about it felt dreamy and romantic. We stayed in an over-water bungalow, which was just exotic and different, while still very plush and romantic, with a great big bed. We walked out onto our deck and down a few stairs and swam and snorkeled right there outside our room – the water was incredible! I stood there gazing at the most beautiful blue manta rays I have ever seen. The meals in these resorts are also incredible, with fresh fish, local fruit and vegetables, and the ever-present French baguettes, which were amazing. It just felt like Tahiti was made for honeymooning!

~ Erin L.



#7 Tahiti
8. Italy
There is so much to love about Italy. In Venice there are with the most romantic cafés and bars, and you have to take a gondola ride – it’s touristy, but still wonderful! Everywhere you look there is such a feel of life. In Florence you come face to face with the reality of some of the most famous works of art in the world – Michelangelo’s David, so incredible and masterful. We went from museum to museum totally engulfed in this great history of art. Rome – One of the founding cities of Western Civilization. Be prepared for days filled with history and romance from the coliseum to Trevi fountain, this city will dazzle you too. Don’t miss Capri - we took a hydrofoil and quickly arrived on this island of lemons where we tasted the locally made Lemoncello – wonderful! Looking down on beautiful blue water and small sail boats the views are spectacular. The little hotels and small local restaurants make this a romantic place for anyone. Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast bring to mind Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn movies - incredible little towns tucked on the sides of cliffs overlooking the seas – it was spectacular!

~ Matt R.



#8 Italy
9. Hawaii
We spent our dreamy honeymoon on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Every day we had one activity planned, and we did them early in the day so that we could be back at our resort by mid afternoon to swim, have some drinks, and take a long nap before going out for dinner. We did a zip-line adventure, we went sea kayaking, snorkeling, golfing – we even took a tennis lesson one morning. There was not much in the way of night-life, which was fine with us. We ended up having a night cap in the hotel lounge where there was always mellow music and really friendly people. We did go to a luau one night – my husband didn’t want to do a luau because he thought it would be too cheesy, but we did it anyway and we both loved it! We really felt that spirit of Aloha that you read so much about – everywhere we went we were treated well, and it was a very special trip!

~ Tasha T.



#9 Hawaii
10. Greece
Greece is an amazing honeymoon spot. We flew into Athens and spent a few days there first, where we took a sightseeing tour with a private tour guide through all the monuments at the Acropolis, which was great because we learned so much from the guide. We also visited the Archaeological Park and the gardens. Then we took the ferry to Mykonos for three nights and to Santorini for three more nights. The islands were beautiful – very different from each other, but both beautiful in their own way. We loved staying up late, having dinner after 10:00pm and then going out for walks in the moonlight before stopping into a bar for a late-night drink or a nightclub for dancing, and we really loved sleeping in late every day! During the day we did some sight-seeing, visiting churches and historic buildings. Santorini was our favorite place, and we’ll never forget the contrast between the white washed buildings and the bright blue sea. It was like no other place we’ve ever seen. And everyone we met in Greece was so nice and friendly, and very romantic.

~ Ross A.



#10 Greece